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Completed Character Designs Page is Up!!! »


If everyone would take a moment to check the blog nav (that is now no longer collapsed into a corner XP), you will see that there is now a Character Design page. You know what that means; there is now easy access to all finalized character designs!

And for you folks on mobile, here are our…


my boys<3 #homestuck


its official. dave strider wears velcro.


Edmontonstuck Fall Photoshoot meetup photoset #2!

If you see yourself, please message me your URL and I will tag you!


Edmontonstuck Fall Phtotshoot Meetup photoset #3!

If you see yourself message me your URL and I will tag  you c:


So I was scrolling the page about all the “David” counterparts and we all know Dave is a nickname for David. But I found something else that is very

very distrubing

are you fucking kidding me


is that why dave and the mayor are friends.


everyone loves the mayor <3

i’m sorry i’ve been really inactive! i’ll catch up wiith some askies and try to draw the requests >o<